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CSL announces carbon emissions reduction targets

MELBOURNE, Australia, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CSL Limited (ASX: CSL) Today, CSL advances its vision for a more sustainable future by setting new, tangible targets for carbon emissions reductions.

As part of the company's broader sustainability strategy to build a more sustainable future for employees, communities, patients and donors, CSL is announcing new carbon emissions reductions targets that will serve as a transparent roadmap to decarbonise global operations by cutting direct and indirect carbon emissions.

By 2030, the company:

  • Is targeting a reduction of 40% of absolute Scope 1 & 2 emissions against a baseline of the average annual emissions across FY19-21; and
  • Intends to ensure suppliers who contribute 67% of Scope 3 emissions have set Scope 1 & 2 reduction targets, aligned with the Science-based targets initiative.

Both targets are aligned to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Importantly, the timeframes also align to CSL's 2030 business strategy, ensuring the targets are incorporated into our detailed operational plans. The achievement of Scope 1 and 2 emissions reductions will occur through four key abatement levers:

  • increased energy efficiency;
  • a push toward more renewable power;
  • switching fuels to less carbon intensive energy sources; and
  • re-designing some of its manufacturing sites.

CSL recognises that responsible management and efficient use of natural resources is key to the company's sustainable growth and its ability to deliver efficient and reliable supply of life-saving medicines.

"For over a century, CSL has earned trust by striving to fulfill our promise to improve the lives of patients and safeguard public health," said CSL's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Paul Perreault. "We intend to continue earning that trust, as a company committed to a healthier world."

Aspects of this work are already well underway. CSL facilities in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and Bern, Switzerland, currently source renewable energy. CSL's new R&D complexes in Marburg, Germany, and Waltham, Massachusetts will feature state-of- the-art sustainable design features as well as CSL's new company headquarters building in Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, CSL is prioritising integrating environmental considerations into key business decisions; minimizing end-to-end production of waste through removal, reduction and recycling; and reducing waste in our supply chain.

The specific targets build on the previously announced strategy by serving as a tangible, transparent roadmap to decarbonising CSL's operations by reducing the company's direct and indirect emissions footprint. They are a further evolution in CSL's responsibility to deliver our therapeutics and vaccines in a more efficient, inclusive and environmentally respectful way.

"Our ongoing efforts and new sustainability targets demonstrate our promise to protect people and our planet. As a scientific and data driven company, we are undertaking specific measures and analysis to ensure that we continue to set and meet the right targets for the road ahead," said CSL Chief Financial Officer Joy Linton. "It is all part of the CSL Promise to foster a more sustainable future." 

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