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Vifor Pharma Press Release 91st Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Shareholders agreed to the Board of Directors’ recommendations for all proposed resolutions
  • Election of Dr. Sue Mahony and Kim Stratton and to the Board of Directors
  • Confirmation of all members of the Board of Directors standing for re-election
  • Dividend of CHF 2.00 approved

Zurich, 8 May 2019 - At the 91st Annual Shareholder Meeting of Vifor Pharma Ltd., shareholders approved all proposed resolutions put forward by the Board of Directors including the election of Dr. Sue Mahony and Kim Stratton to the Board of Directors and the re-election of all standing members. 317 shareholders attended the meeting. 71% of the share capital was represented.

Shareholder approvals
Shareholders approved the 2018 Vifor Pharma Annual Report, the Vifor Pharma Ltd. 2018 Annual Financial Statements, and the Vifor Pharma Group 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements. The maximum possible 2020 remuneration for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee was also approved, as well as the 2018 Remuneration Report consultative vote. Shareholders discharged the members of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Committee for the financial year 2018. A dividend of CHF 2.00, as proposed by the Board of Directors, was approved and will be paid to shareholders on 14 May 2019.

Dr. Sue Mahony and Kim Stratton newly elected to Board of Directors
The following members were re-elected to the Board of Directors for a term of one year: Etienne Jornod as Executive Chairman, Prof. Dr. Michel Burnier, Dr. Romeo Cerutti, Jacques Theurillat, and Dr. Gianni Zampieri. Dr. Sue Mahony and Kim Stratton have been elected as new members of the Board of Directors. Daniela BosshardtHengartner, Dr. Sylvie Grégoire, and Fritz Hirsbrunner did not stand for re-election. The Board of Directors sincerely thanks them for many years of distinguished services.

Remuneration Committee confirmed
The following members of the Board of Directors were elected to the Remuneration Committee for a term of one year: Prof. Dr. Michel Burnier, Dr. Romeo Cerutti, and Dr. Sue Mahony. The Committee will be chaired by Dr. Sue Mahony.

Contact and further information:

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Heide Hauer
Head of Corporate Communications
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Julien Vignot
Head of Investor Relations
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Vifor Pharma Group is a global pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Switzerland. It aims to become the global leader in iron deficiency, nephrology and cardio-renal therapies. The company is the partner of choice for pharmaceuticals and innovative patient-focused solutions. The Vifor Pharma Group strives to help patients around the world with severe and chronic diseases lead better, healthier lives. The company develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products for precision patient care. The Vifor Pharma Group holds a leading position in all its core business activities and consists of the following companies: Vifor Pharma; Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma (a joint company with Fresenius Medical Care); Relypsa; and OM Pharma. The Vifor Pharma Group is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange, VIFN, ISIN: CH0364749348). For more information, please visit


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